RJ Week 2005 – Saving the Next Generation

Moved by the Lord to do more for the victims of crime and the children of our nation, CURB formed the CURB Restorative Justice (RJ) Fund to commemorate Restorative Justice Week 2005.

The theme of the RJ Fund is “Saving the Next Generation” and it focuses on providing practical support for families in need, especially those with children who have lost a relative to homicide or have been victims of crime.

Apart from the launch of the RJ Fund, CURB Director, Adrian Alexander, commemorated Restorative Justice Week 2005 with a visit to the Laventille Girls Government Primary School on the invitation of Marian Taylor – a school social worker.

There, Mr. Alexander was treated to a display of poetry and recitation on the themes of forgiveness and reconciliation by Standard Three students as they shared their understanding of restorative justice.

Afterwards, he was able to share with students and teachers the ways in which they could implement restorative initiatives in their school which is situated in a district with one of the highest murder rates in the nation.

Mr. Alexander was amazed to learn of the large number of students there who had lost a loved one to homicide.

Photographs of Restorative Justice Week activities at Laventille Girls Government Primary School are available here.