RJ Week 2009 – People Are NOT For Sale

In December 2008 CURB was led to focus on the issue of human trafficking for Restorative Justice Week 2009 (15th to 21st November) and beyond. Our theme is: “People Are NOT For Sale”.

Commencing in December 2008, our activities have included the expansion of our networking with NGOs in the Caribbean and internationally to encompass those with considerable experience in counter-trafficking initiatives. CURB also created a dedicated Counter-Trafficking Website to end Human Trafficking in the Caribbean.

Following months of collaboration, CURB, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the Ministry of National Security hosted a workshop on Monday 13th July, 2009 for prison ministries and prison officers on Understanding and Responding to Human Trafficking. A similar workshop was convened for community-based and faith-based organisations on Tuesday 14th July, 2009.

For details about these workshops please click here.

In October and November, 2009 CURB highlighted the issue of Human Trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago on radio programmes and through the conduct of presentations with faith based and other groups to build awareness of what is human trafficking and how various segments of the society can work towards eliminating this evil and provide effective support to its victims.

CURB is committed to partner with governmental and non-governmental agencies in the fight against trafficking in persons and to assist trafficked persons. Our interest in this issue is not limited to 2009 and the fight to end human slavery will continue until it is abolished!

For more information about how you can be involved in Ending Human Trafficking in the Caribbean, please visit our dedicated Counter-Trafficking Website.

If you are unfamiliar with issues of trafficking in persons we encourage you to listen to a short testimony of a sex trafficking victim and of a labour exploitation victim.